A Review Of Todd Lubar’s Impressive Career

Todd Lubar is a successful entrepreneur. He has achieved much success in the real estate industry. The executive is the president of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and senior vice president of Legendary Investments. Todd’s career that spans over two decades exposed him to the finance and credit space where he learnt the plight of the people who have visions but lack capital to achieve their dreams. He established TDL Global Ventures with the objective of helping others to succeed. Through the company, Todd Lubar offers capital to the clients who do not qualify for loans from traditional lenders. Speaking to Patch, Todd said that his success in the company is a result of a fascinating blend of will and his past experience in the mortgage banking industry. Todd believes that success comes through hard work and an undying desire to achieve the set goals.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar’s career started in 1995 when he was recruited by Crestar Mortgage to work as a loans originator. In this company, Todd gained extensive knowledge on conservative mortgage banking. He used the platform to create connections with real estate agents, financial planners, insurance agents and CPAs, who are now the sources of referrals for his business. Four years later, he joined Legacy Financial to broker loans, thus gaining expansive experience in matters of lending. With adequate experience and skills about managing different companies, Todd Lubar established his own residential development company, Legendary Properties, LLC. This corporation specialized in purchasing, rehabilitating, and commercializing residential properties.

In 2003, Lubar strengthened his presence in the industry by founding Charter Funding, an affiliation of Magnus Financial Corporation. The new subsidiary enabled him to expand his business owing to the availability of products and programs. Later, he founded a subsidiary of Legendary Properties, Legendary Financial LLC. The corporation engages in commercial lending for both individuals and businesses. To date, Lubar has completed over 7,000 transactions, which have sharpened his skill in lending. Owing to the financial crisis of 2008, Todd tried his hand in commercial demolition and automotive scrap metal recycling business. Owing to his intensive connections, Todd Lubar was able to secure major deals from leading contractors in the nation. Follow Todd Lubar on Facebook.