Securus Technologies – Preventing Crime by Making Technology Better

As a corrections officer, it was Robert Johnson’s job to intercept contraband goods and parcel in the correctional facility he was working at. Being good at his job, an instance came when they were able to seize a parcel of drugs that was valued at $50,000. Two weeks after the incident, while Johnson was getting ready for work when the front door of his house was kicked in and he heard a loud boom.


Robert Johnson knew at that instant that is was a hit, so he called the intruder in the hallway to prevent him from going into the bedroom since his wife was still sleeping. After a short struggle, the intruder being larger pushed Johnson backward, and he said that he saw a gun being leveled at him.


After that, he did not remember anything as he woke up on the bathroom floor. He was shot in the chest and on the stomach six times. At the hospital, the doctor along with the hospital chaplain told his wife to be ready for the worst because Robert Johnson might not make it.


Fortunately, Johnson was able to survive and recover. His doctor told him that it was a miracle he survived. Echols was contacted by inmates who used a contraband cellphone and was paid $6000 on a re-loadable Greendot card. He was convicted and sentence to prison for the attempt on Johnson’s life.


Robert Johnson also said that a contraband cellphone was similarly used by inmates who put a hit on a baby from Georgia because they did not like what the uncle has done. The baby died in the mother’s arms.


As of the moment, Robert Johnson works as a paid consultant at Securus Technologies, a U.S. based prison technology firm.


In another correctional facility, a 3½ minute video was recording a man talking on a cell phone. His name was Jose Ariel Rivera, and he was serving a ten-year prison sentence. This is not the first time that Rivera was caught using a contraband cell phone.


To address the issue of inmates using contraband cell phones to foster crime outside the prison walls, Securus Technologies has developed and already implemented the use of the WCS or wireless containment system. If the WCS were present and being utilized before, the incidents cited above would never have happened.


The wireless containment system (WCS) detects unauthorized and illegal phone calls made by prisoners inside the correctional facility and prevents it from connecting to a network, so the phone call does not go through. Currently, the WCS have been proven to work, and Securus continues to invest and improve the system.