Neurocre Brain Training Centers – Pioneering Treatments for Mental Health

Anxiety, depression, migraines and ADHD can impede person’s life. Unfortunately, the methods used to address these illnesses have not been able to completely address the cause. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers addresses the mental health and behavioral health challenges that millions of people deal with. Neurocore approaches their mission on two fronts. They use psychotherapy along with medication. They also offer a third treatment known as nuerofeedback. Neurofeedback treatment addresses the brain’s ability to learn and improve. Read more about Neurocore at

Biofeedback training patients learn the benefit of breathing deeper. More oxygen enhances the brain and heart’s function. Twenty percent of every breath goes directly to the brain. Sessions, for patients, include training for proper breathing. Neurofeedback for patients can be a fun experience. Patients watch a movie, and when their brain charts out of the acceptable therapeutic range, the movies pauses. This lets the patient know their brain has spiked out of range. The brain learns how to stop spiking through this method.

Patients can learn how to optimize their brainwave patterns. Feedback and practice are keys to help patients get better. Neurofeedback can help improve attention, focus, sleep quality, energy levels, reduce anxiety and stress, and reduce the pain of migraines and headaches. Patients begin to experience an improvement in their overall mood once treatments take hold. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The brain has an ability to make adjustments and to improve. Neurofeedback and biofeedback training takes advantage of the brain’s ability to change. Neuroplasticity is another name for this amazing change. Sessions for both methods last about 30 minutes each/ Neurocore also works to relieve patients of ADHD symptoms.

Such ADHD diagnoses continue to rise in children each year. The condition makes it difficult for both children and adults to cope at school, on the job, or in the world. Neurocore can address a host of mental health issues. The organization’s approach is quite effective. As such, the Neurocore approach will likely continue to grow.