Karl Heideck: Attorney at Law

An in depth look at Attorney Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is an Philadelphia PA based attorney. Mr. Heideck is a contract attorney that handles cases involving Risk Management as well as Compliance. Karl Heideck is highly respected and has a reputation for fighting for the rights of the client.

Previously, Mr. Heideck worked for the firm Pepper Hamilton LLP. Karl Heideck successfully handled a variety of employee compliance issues as well as product liability during his tenure with Pepper Hamilton. In addition, Karl Heideck also worked for the firm Conrad O’Brien for a period of about 3 years.

Early in his career, Karl Heideck learned a great deal about filing appeals as well as the appeals process. The appeals process can be a long and very drawn out process. In addition, appeals can be quite costly for everyone involved. Karl Heideck also learned a great deal about post trial as well as pretrial procedures. One would have to say that Karl Heideck payed his dues prior to becoming a recognized figure within the legal community.

Karl Heideck now handles Commercial Litigation, Product Liability as well as other related issues. In addition, Mr. Heideck is also a talented writer. Karl Heideck has written several legal articles which have been featured on his personal blog. The blog contains interesting as well as informative legal commentary. Mr. Heideck updates his blog on a regular basis.

Education Credentials

Karl Heideck earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Swathmore College. In addition, Heideck received his law degree from Beasley School of Law (Temple University). Mr. Heideck graduated law school with honors.

Mr. Heideck currently represents a variety of real estate firms as well as clients who are seeking personal injury compensation. He has also settled a number of high profile cases out of court.

Many of Mr. Heideck clients reach settlement following the pretrial stage. Me. Heideck is in favor of reaching settlements outside the jurisdiction of the courts for a variety of reasons. Settling legal cases out of court is certainly less stressful.

Also, settling out of court saves time as well as a great deal of money.

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