Steve Lesnard discusses the art of digital product marketing

Steve Lesnard is one of the most iconic integrated marketing and consumer experts in the global business sector. During his career as a global brand marketing consultant, he has helped several notable brands venture into new markets and also launch new products. Recently, Steve wrote a piece on Medium discussing the art of digital product marketing. With the dynamics of products marketing widely changing as a result of the emergence of a digital world, this article seeks to provide direction on how to successfully sell a product in such a time.

Make it simple and memorable

According to this global brand marketing consultant, in such a revolutionary time, it’s important for a business to make its marketing campaign simple and memorable. If the campaign is meant to introduce a new product into the market, Steve Lesnard advised that it should clearly mention its benefit to the consumers. In addition to this, it should also clearly state what’s new and what is better. This global brand marketing consultant went ahead to mention that a good marketing campaign for the digital world is one that seeks to elevate the unique experience that a product offers its customers. He said that successful brands like Apple and Peleton had perfected this technique in their marketing campaigns and it has made the very successful. Apple employed this technique when introducing its widely prosperous iPod to the world and is doing the same with their watches.

Make it real

Making the marketing campaign realistic is also another essential aspect of making a product successful according to Steve Lesnard. He stated that marketing teams should work on bringing their products to life by showcasing their real-life benefits. The benefits are real-life experiences that consumers can bond with. This global brand marketing consultant mentioned that if it’s a product meant for hikers, it should be put in such an environment. If its product that it is intended for finance professionals, it should also be put in that environment. Steve Lesnard mentioned that this tactic allows for the target consumers to bond with the products as they can relate the benefits to their lives.

Academy of Art University is Nurturing Talent in the Country

Started in 1929, the founding fathers of Academy of Art University started it to guide and instruct the next generation of artists. The organization has lived up to the vision since its inception. It has grown to become strong and successful to churn out great artists.

The Academy of Art University fraternity believes that anyone with passion and commitment to learn new art skills in the industry can succeed to become largest creatives of our time. People who are undergoing training at the university are visionaries of tomorrow. One thing that Academy of Art University people have learned over the past more than 80 years it has been operational is that the hard-working people are the ones who succeeds. Actually, it has been found that success in art is 90% hard work and 10% talent.

The university provides a professional environment so students feel comfortable to try out new things, failing, getting up, trying again and succeeding. The environment exposes the students to the realities of life and when the day to go out there and apply things learned in class comes, they are well prepared. Students are empowered to learn things that they could not anticipate they would know. The academy exposes students to opportunities and it is up to them to take them up. If you visit the academy’s facilities including halls and fields, you will find students with a common purpose. You will find an artistic home.

About Academy of Art University

Based in San Francisco, Academy of Art University is a private art school which has more than 383 full-time teachers as well as 1154 part-time teachers. With more than 11,000 students, it is claimed to be the largest private art and design school in the US. It fosters innovation through a team of highly qualified professionals, advanced facilities and curriculum in a number of areas of study.

Boraie Development on Building High-End Apartments in New Brunswick

The Aspire; Social and Apartment Amenities

The Aspire luxury apartments located in the heart of New Brunswick is just a few steps away from the NJ Transit Train Station and has direct access to Manhattan. It contains spacious, one bedroom, studios, and two bedroom apartments. Each apartment has features such as appealing hardwood flooring in the living areas, dishwasher, microwave, elevator, refrigerator, stainless steel appliances, cable ready, in-home washer and dryer unit, and available internet. The apartments also include designer kitchens that have quartz countertops, carpeting in bedrooms, balcony units and private terrace upon request, and energy efficient PTAC units to help in minimizing energy costs during winter.

The Aspire luxury apartments have social amenities such as a 24/7 doorman lobby, a top-notch fitness center, a resident club that is inclusive of a dining area, library and kitchen, personal storage, residents’ portal, indoor bike storage, on-site management. The apartments are also pet friendly and have two green roofs for residents to utilize; the amenity and sky deck on the 18th floor. Due to its strategic location, the apartments are just some steps away from cafes, restaurants and bars.

Boraie Development Gets Into a Joint Venture with Shaquille O’Neal

Shaquille O’Neal grew up in Newark in the 1970’s and he had to stay busy throughout to avoid getting in trouble. He regularly visited a local theater for movies and the Boys and Girls club. He decided to venture in investing in the real estate development sector in Newark by partnering with Boraie Development to build luxury residential apartments in the area. Mr. O’Neal, who is a retired basketball player, went into the partnership in order to renovate an old theater on Spring Avenue into CityPlex12. The joint venture cost seven million dollars was completed in the year 2012.

The newest project that Shaquille O’Neal and v worked on was the rental complex which was the first latest housing tower to be built in Newark in fifty years. The partnership has seen the star and Boraie Development work on various projects in Atlantic City including a retail complex, a movie theater, and market-rate housing.

Additional Information on Boraie Development

Boraie Development provides a wide range of services in all the fields in the urban real estate market. The services include real estate marketing, property management, and real estate development for the local New Brunswick area. Boraie Development deals with architects who are visionaries, financial institutions, and contractors who are strict with keeping deadlines. Omar Boraie founded Boraie Development.