Article about Gino Pozzo

Gino Pozzo is an England public figure who is the owner of Watford Football Club. He is one of the greatest men in the European Nations.Gino Pozzo was born with an interest in football and was born and raised in Italy. The parents of Gino Pozzo maintained the loyalty of making their son have an interest in the football by ensured him attached to the president of Udine football club. Gino Pozzo attained his Masters from Harvard University after he had moved to the United States at the age of 18 years.

Gino Pozzo and the Football Legacy

Before becoming more involved in the football, the Gino Pozzo family has been working in woodwork which they later sold in the year 2008 so that they make ample time to pay attention to football.The family of Gino Pozzo is well known world-wide with the interest of football. This is well evident well his father purchased the Udinese club into their hometown in the year 1986.Gino Pozzo confirms that even though football is not their main activities, they enjoy doing the job and this means that they have a passion for football activities.

Gino Pozzo and the Watford Club

Gino Pozzo and his family purchased the Watford Club in the year 2012 after having influenced by the series of success in the early 1980s. This makes them being influenced by the profits that the football club earns. While purchasing the club Gino Pozzo believed that Watford would his best future project and this made too and his family to move to London so that he can embark on serious operations of the club to realize his goals

Gino had been ranked the top 4 best football CEO this year 2019 because of his skills in terms of practice in the club. Gino Pozzo always appears every day in the field training his players. Gino Pozzo is still continued to invest both on and outside the field.

Gino Pozzo passion for football is the reason why he involved himself in Watford football club and maybe this the reason why he continues to become successful.

Rick Cofer Helped Kind Clinic In Raising Money For The Austin LGBTQ+ Community

When it comes to vibrancy and diversity, nothing beats Austin in attracting a different kind of people. The diverse population even keep its unofficial city slogan, “Keep Austin Weird”, and embraced it. Austin residents are known for its open-mindedness and their nature of welcoming different kinds of people. that is why a lot of tourists are attracted in the city, as well as people from the LGBTQ+ community.

Austin is where pride months events are held, and it is also one of the places that have clubs and bars specifically for LGBTQ crowd. However, even though Austin is one of the most LGBTQ-friendly places in the world, wellness, and healthcare are still ongoing dilemma. According to a Texas Pride Impact Funds study, over half of the 850 LGBTQ individuals of age 30 revealed that they’re experienced or are experiencing homelessness. Nearly half of the same group also postpones medical care because of financial struggles.

According to medicaldailytimes, free consultancy clinics are available, and LGBTQ people opt for these options. However, because the majority of these free clinics are religiously-based, a lot of participants does not disclose their sexual orientation, which can become impersonal and poor quality care in the long run. The study concluded that gay, transgender, and gender-nonconforming people are in need of better access to health care.

One of the clinics that provides healthcare access to the LGBTQ community is Kind Clinic, which is in coordination with Texas Health Action. Kind Clinic offers services such as PrEP or pre-exposure prophylaxis and PEP or post-exposure prophylaxis. Free HIV testing, gender affirmation care, hormone therapy, as well as STI testing and treatment are available in the clinic. These services are also offered to any people in need of help, regardless of the gender orientation or identity of the person. Services are given for free, but funds are from donations and financial help. Rick Cofer Law teamed up with Kind Clinic and Texas Health Action in order to create a fundraiser event called the “Show us Your Fantasy” Ball.

The Ball, which was hosted in LINE Hotel in Downtown Austin, was held last October 27, 2018. In this event, people were able to talk openly about sex and sexual preference, as well as prevention and treatment of sex-related illnesses. The dress code for the event has been pretty simple: dress up as the fantasy of their choice. There are even prizes awarded for people who dressed up best, which are divided into different categories. All of the profits from this event was donated to Kind Clinic to support its finances.

“Show us Your Fantasy” Ball was made possible by Rick Cofer’s help. Rick Cofer is a criminal defense attorney who has been known for his fight against the use of plastic bags that can destroy the environment. In addition, he is committed to creating opportunities to promote improvement and promote a better living in the Austin area. He has been a criminal defense attorney since 2008. To know more about Rick Cofer visit

Heather Parry: A Mix of Movie Magic and Cinematic Theatrics

Heather Parry

The current president of the company, Live Nation Productions, seems to have a lot up under her sleeve. Heather Parry took the position of president/CEO of the company in 2015, and only two weeks later she was ready to rock. She dove headfirst into her first project, Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis, without hesitation. They were just coming back after a terrorist attack took place at one of their shows, and Parry was ready to help shed light onto what the bands’ point of view had been at the time. She has a love for both music and film, and with this new project, she was able to start to combine her two loves into one. The film went on to win two Critics Choice Awards and this love of cinematic artistry that would appeal to other artists did not end here, however.

Parry continued to produce these types of works, eventually releasing films and documentaries, such as: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story, Gaga: Five Foot Two, and soon to come afterward were the documentary centering around Imagine Dragons. This was titled BEliever, and in it, Heather helped frontman Dan Reynolds tell the bands story. This documentary mostly revolved around Reynolds struggles with his faith and the LGBTQ community.

After this documentary was released, Parry announced that she would be working with both Bradly Cooper and Lady Gaga on the new remake of the film, “A Star Is Born.” This movie is a musical drama, telling a story of addiction and love. She was the first to originally approach Cooper about helping to produce it, as she had a large amount of interest in taking up a project of this size, with her other works comfortably under her belt. After it’s release The film quickly became one of the most popular movies of the year, showing that her dedication to the movie was not given in vain.

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