James Dondero hires Linda Owen to Lead Capital Management’s Charitable giving Program

Highland Capital Management, L.P’s, is president James Dondero, of an asset management firm that is located in Dallas, has formed a partnership with Linda Owen. Linda Owen will manage Highland Capital Management’s philanthropic activities and help the charitable giving program expand with new and innovative strategies. Owen will be the manager of the charitable giving program and will collaborate with The Dallas Foundation. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

President and co-founder James Dondero believes that as the company and the charitable giving program has grown it has created a need for a professional who will be focused on managing charitable giving and philanthropic programs in order to make an impact within the community and Linda Owen’s history as a civic leader will be an asset to Highland Capital Management, L.P in funneling charitable contribution to where they will be most effective. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.com.

Highland Capital uses The Dallas Foundation to contribute an excess of $3 million dollars to several causes including health care, education, and for veterans causes. Some beneficiaries of charitable contribution are the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the Dallas Zoo, Uplift Education, the American Heart Association, and Perot Museum of Nature and Nature. Several Highland Capital executives including James Dondero are on the board of some of these organizations or provide a different leadership role.

Highland Capital provides more than just charitable contributions to these organization. Several executives and employees give of their time as board members and occupy other leadership roles. They work within these organizations to find a solution to their problems and confront the challenges faced by the non-profit organizations. This is just another way for Highland Capital and its executives to give back to the community. Their active service augments the charitable contributions that are given, and help improves the organizations. These organizations are themselves of great benefit to everyone in the community.

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Dr. Saad Saad: The Man Behind the Creation

When it comes to pediatric surgeons, there may be a lot of individuals that come to mind. However, there is only one individual that has blazed a trail in this profession and has shown that there is no limit as to how far one can go. Dr. Saad Saad got his start in India where he served for four and a half years as a pediatric surgeon to the Royal Family of India.


He later moved from India to England and then to the United States permantely. This is where his journey really took off. Dr. Saad took on a resideny for pediatric surgeon and landed a position at the King Specialist Hospital. His work was so impecable that he was often times called on to give medical counsel as to whether or not a patient should remain or be flown to other locations for surgery. He performed numerous surgeries that were deemed as very complicated and complex surgeries.


One of his most notable achievements was his surgery on a child that had an aneurysm which in turn inspired a scientific journalist to write about him and the details of the surgery. That gave enlightenment to other surgeons that were or had faced similar situations with children. Dr. Saad would go on to perform and complete thousands of pediatric surgeries but also to develop other means of being able to help individuals. He was always looking for ways to improve his treatments and to reduce risks and pain for his patients. Because of this, he patented two inventions that helped to develop and shape many of the new pediatric procedures of today.


His first invention of the electromagnetic catheter was developed to allow surgeons to locate the position of catheters that were placed in individuals without the use of a machine. It eliminated the use of MRI or Xray machines that would otherwise expose patients to unnecessary radiation. The device was also portable and small enough that it could be utilized in emergency situations where there was no time to perform body scans to find a catheter. By using this design doctors would not need to use wires when initially placing the equipment in a patient. However, because his design has not been widely used, there has been some difficulity in getting this device produced by manufactures.


His second invention was a device for providing suction and irrigation for patients when they are having a rigid endoscope done. This allows the doctor to have a visual view at all times of the device when performing this procedure. It also allows for doctors to utilize endoscopes without the using full liquids inside the body. This alleviates the “fog” that can occur on the lens of the endoscope when it is being used in a procedure. Learn more: https://chronicleweek.com/2018/04/dr-saad-saad-medical-missions/

Madison Street Capital Initiates a Successful Transaction between Napoleon Machine and Sterling Commercial Credit

The service industry is quite diverse. Concerning the service industry, an emphasis will be placed on Madison Street Capital. As for Madison Street Capital, it is an investment banking firm that operates globally. Recently, the investment banking firm was tasked with acting as a financial advisor to Napoleon Machine since they were seeking credit from another firm.


Background Check


Napoleon Machine was launched in 2010, and the company complied with all the standards relating to the ISO 9001:2008 certification. The company mainly deals in the manufacture of products such as; fabricating customized metal pieces, painting, and precision machining, among other services. Since Napoleon Machine was in need of credit, they approached Madison Street Capital for financial advisory services. Madison Street Capital was to offer their advice regarding Napoleon Machine acquiring credit from Sterling Commercial Credit. Charles Botchway who is the chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital together with Barry Petersen, the Managing Director, and Steven Richards, the Vice President Capital markets were happy to announce that the transaction was taking place.


The Sterling Commercial Credit offered Napoleon Machine working capital thereby allowing the manufacturing firm to expound on their ability to meet the bulk orders that have been placed by customers. Also, the working capital issued by Sterling Commercial Credit will also come in handy since Napoleon Machine will be able to expound on their operations, therefore, leading to the accelerated growth of the company.


Additional Information


As for Madison Street Capital, this is a firm that will always listen to your firm’s story, and they will try and gauge the merits and demerits that may arise in any possible scenario; this were words from the President of Napoleon Machine, Kevin Febrey. Madison Street Capital came through right from the beginning to the completion of the transaction between Napoleon Machine and Sterling Commercial Credit. Due to the customer satisfaction brought about by Madison Street capital, Napoleon Machine looks forward to working with the investment banking firm in the nearby future.


About Madison Street Capital


As for Madison Street Capital, the firm is revered for quality service when it comes to offering financial advisory services when it comes to investment banking. The firm is dedicated to providing quality services at all times thereby guaranteeing customer satisfaction at all times. Far from that, Madison Street Capital has a global presence thus contributing to the success of various business entities on a worldwide scale.


Also, by ensuring that the transaction between Napoleon Machine and Sterling Commercial Credit was successful, Madison Street Capital was able to expound on their portfolio positively. For those who may be interested to know more about the transaction that took place, all the information can be accessed through PR.com.


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The Connection Between Guilherme Paulus And The Brazilian Tourism Sector

GJP (Guilherme Jesus Paulus) Hotels & Resorts are one of Brazils largest chain of hotels with assets that surpass the half a billion mark. Today the GJP network of hotels is now Guilherme Paulus most valuable assets, and he is now concentrating more on this venture since he sold a large portion of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. The GJP network currently owns around twenty hotels all under different star classification something that has allowed the network to tap into the industry’s diverse clientele.

Guilherme Paulus has always been a savvy investor who has always believed in the power to grow a brand from its humble beginnings into recognizable brands. His focus on the tourism industry has also been very important to his rise to achieve billionaire status. The tourism sector in Brazil has been on an incredible growth path that has helped investors in the industry earn incredible returns. They have also continued to splash more capital into their ventures as this growth does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The level of commitment to investing in tourism was clearly reflected by the Carlyle group when they acquired quite a substantial stake in CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. This acquisition would be one of the largest in Brazil back in 2009 and would propel the company value to greater heights.

At the time of acquisition Guilherme Paulus was getting GJP on a steady path in the hotel business and he had just acquired some of the necessary approvals required in the development of a number of hotels that the group wanted to develop near airports in the hope that the upcoming sports events would bring enough numbers to occupy all available spaces. This was a strategy developed by Guilherme Paulus, who had studied the industry since he was 22 and had a level of understanding that made his analysis credible. The entrepreneur has had his ups and downs in his journey here, and he continues to credit these hardships for making him such a shrewd investor. Today, as he sits on the Brazilian Tourism board he hopes he can help grow the sector to where the entire team envisions.

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