The Two Innovate And Successful Inventions Of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is an exceptionally talented pediatric surgeon. He is always trying to find a way to improve the existing procedures and methods. He is responsible for the development of many new procedures for pediatric surgery and has had two inventions patented. The surgeries he performed for forty years were extremely complex. The aid he has provided to young adults and children include visiting the West Bank and Jerusalem eight times for Medical Missions as well as four in the United States. He holds the patents for his medical inventions.


Dr. Saad practices in New Jersey and has affiliations with several local hospitals. His medical degree was earned at the Cairo University School of Medicine. He has been practicing for in excess of twenty years and accepts different kinds of health insurance for the convenience of his patients. He is one of only 27 doctors specializing in surgery at the Monmouth Medical Center.


A medical catheter is a tube to aid in surgery or treat medical conditions when inserted into the body. They can be used for many tasks including draining fluids and gasses or providing access for necessary surgical instruments. They often remain in the body on a permanent or temporary basis. The exact position must be tracked to ensure the catheter is correctly placed. This often requires an X-ray which subjects the patient to radiation or an MRI.


This is the reason Dr. Saad created a catheter easily located without X-rays or an MRI. Electromagnetic energy is used to locate the device by sending a signal to the coil. This device has the same principles of a metal detector and is practical, portable and small. Dr. Saad eliminated the need for guide wires which can break and present a hazard to the patient. It is unfortunate the device is not widely used due to the complicated procedure required by the manufacturers. A Utah medical company has expressed interest in the device so it is likely it will be used more as time passes.


The second invention of Dr. Saad improves the way endoscopes are used. An endoscope is an optical device that can see inside a patients body to provide the doctor with a visual picture. The problem is the fluids in the body can cause issues with an endoscope by restricting the view of the physician. Dr. Saad’s device can suck away any fluids without the need to remove the endoscope. This provides the doctor with a clear view. Dr Saad has used this device thousands of times to remove foreign bodies such as food, needles and marbles. This irrigation and suction device is inexpensive to make and is currently being used by a lot of physicians with great success. Learn more:

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