The Best Shopping and Entertainment Venues are at the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is currently one of the most successful businessmen in Brazil. The businessman has accomplished so much in his career, and he is famed to be one of the wealthiest individuals in the country. Roberto Santiago has managed to introduce several shopping malls in Brazil that have changed the lives of many shoppers in Brazil and other parts of the world.


Roberto Santiago decided to venture into this industry several years ago when he was very young. After completing his education at some of the best schools in Brazil, the businessman was hired to serve in several institutions before he could finally settle to venture into business. At first he started a carton manufacturing and fortunately it did very well. The success of the small company had him the finances and motivated him to accomplish more in the competitive business world.


In the year 1989, Roberto Santiago decided to open the prestigious Manaira Shopping Mall. The mall was built in a piece of land that was acquired by the businessman in the year 1987. The mall is located at Joao Pessoa City, and it currently attracts customers from all over the world. For more than thirty years, the mall has continued to grow and become one of the most successful in the world. The success of the mall has made Roberto Santiago be one of the most respected individuals in Brazil.


When establishing the Manaira Shopping Mall, Roberto Santiago wanted to ensure that customers were able to access a facility that had all the activities they always wanted in just one roof. With hard work and dedication, the businessman has been able to make this dream come true. His mall has facilities that attract people from all ages. The cinema in the mall is out of this world. The hall is fitted with some of the best and modern equipment that give consumers the experience they need.


The gym area is also a site to behold. If you are currently looking for a place to go and keep fit the gym in the mall is the place to visit. The well-equipped gym has professionals who will ensure that you get the experience you deserve. The people who have young children have special features to enjoy. There are special places to eat and play, meaning that the whole family will have something to keep them busy. Roberto Santiago has also made sure that the customers have several banking facilities and colleagues. Santiago has done so well in the past because of several reasons. First of all, he is very experienced in business activities, and this helps him to make sound investment decisions in all his businesses. The businessman is also well educated.


Karl Heideck: Attorney at Law

An in depth look at Attorney Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is an Philadelphia PA based attorney. Mr. Heideck is a contract attorney that handles cases involving Risk Management as well as Compliance. Karl Heideck is highly respected and has a reputation for fighting for the rights of the client.

Previously, Mr. Heideck worked for the firm Pepper Hamilton LLP. Karl Heideck successfully handled a variety of employee compliance issues as well as product liability during his tenure with Pepper Hamilton. In addition, Karl Heideck also worked for the firm Conrad O’Brien for a period of about 3 years.

Early in his career, Karl Heideck learned a great deal about filing appeals as well as the appeals process. The appeals process can be a long and very drawn out process. In addition, appeals can be quite costly for everyone involved. Karl Heideck also learned a great deal about post trial as well as pretrial procedures. One would have to say that Karl Heideck payed his dues prior to becoming a recognized figure within the legal community.

Karl Heideck now handles Commercial Litigation, Product Liability as well as other related issues. In addition, Mr. Heideck is also a talented writer. Karl Heideck has written several legal articles which have been featured on his personal blog. The blog contains interesting as well as informative legal commentary. Mr. Heideck updates his blog on a regular basis.

Education Credentials

Karl Heideck earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Swathmore College. In addition, Heideck received his law degree from Beasley School of Law (Temple University). Mr. Heideck graduated law school with honors.

Mr. Heideck currently represents a variety of real estate firms as well as clients who are seeking personal injury compensation. He has also settled a number of high profile cases out of court.

Many of Mr. Heideck clients reach settlement following the pretrial stage. Me. Heideck is in favor of reaching settlements outside the jurisdiction of the courts for a variety of reasons. Settling legal cases out of court is certainly less stressful.

Also, settling out of court saves time as well as a great deal of money.

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Women in Business: Lori Senecal

Ms. Senecal is the current Global Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Crispin Porter & Bogusky Advertising Agency. She formerly held the position of a Global Executive Chairman of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal (KBS) Partners. Lori is responsible for driving the company towards achieving its strategic goal to ignite the growth of its partners. In the last five years, she was the brainchild in solidifying KBS penetration into the market as a unique brand. She believes that innovation plays a vital role in ensuring that an enterprise has a competitive advantage in the business world. In her tenure in KBS, she pioneered utilizing technology to compose ad units.

Lori has mentored many young women, motivating them towards success. She has financed, and implemented projects pitched up by employees through incubation. Her mission is to inspire many young employees to believe in themselves and come up with the career path they want. In her leadership at KBS, the number of employees increased from 250 to 800. At the moment, the company is identified as one of the best places to work and has appeared topping the Ad Age’s list for exemplary performance. Before heading KBS, Lori Senecal served as the CEO and president respectively in McCann World group where she pioneered a special marketing unit for young adults. Visit Adweek for more info.

In an interview with Laura Dunn, HuffPost. , Lori Senecal narrates about how her life experiences which triggered her leadership nature. She concisely points out that being the youngest child in the family made her work hard to have her own identity. This urge pushed her to dream big and break out of the norm. Moreover, she says that her employment experience has cultivated her passion for creating a culture. She believes that developing a culture that makes people be part of the progress is key to any success. However, Ms. Senecal confessed encountering challenges in her tenure in KBS since she joined it while the founders were exiting the agency. Hence, it needed a new mission and vision.

According to NY Times, her advice to women who intend to join the corporate world is to have strong instincts and believing in the power of new ideas. They should strive to make their clients stand out in the advertising field. The most important lesson she has learned in her career is that leadership opportunities do not come; you have to create your own. In conclusion, Lori is confident that KBS will expand to Europe and Asia states; it is the outset of a new phase of KBS.

Information about Dr. Imran Haque


Dr. Imran Haque is a well-known professional with a legacy of the provision of the medical care to the residents of Asheboro. He has been in the field of medicine for more than 15 years. This has placed him at a vantage position of handling with medical related matters with experience. The other primary services that Imran Haque provides out of his area of professional include, diabetes management, laser hair removal and weight management.

Dr. Haque persued his studies at the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. This earned him a position of practicing matters related to medical in North Carolina. Additionally, his pragmatic skills made him enrolled Certificate Program for Internal Medicine. This has boosted the level of medical care in the North Carolina and enrich the same field with the required expertise in the provision of the service.

Dr. Haque being skilled in many areas, he had the ability to provide the array of services in different areas. This made him attracted different patients from various parts of the North Carolina. Furthermore, he had the ability to diagnose the various ailment and advisory measures to the patients when necessary. He was viewed to be convenient in the sense that he had ultrasound service in his office for emergency services. Due to his kindness and caring nature, he is dedicated to his duties and takes time in examining the patients. His assist has extended to the patients who do not meet their needs. They are able to access the medical care with the compassionate and caring doctor. The patients who have gone through his service have different testimonies concerning the care of the good service provision by Imran Haque.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Haque is one of the known dedicated medical care professional. He is up to the task and listens to his patients.