Arthur Becker, the Serial Entrepreneur

Arthur Becker is a real estate expert who is based in the United States. The businessman has a real estate office that is located in Tribeca. The office also serves as an art studio for the investor. The office is a workshop that contains different paintings and sculptures that are created on display. The businessman is 66 years old at the moment, and he has made his wealth in the technology industry. He ventured into the real estate world several years ago, and he is making headlines in New York and Florida as one of the most successful real estate investors.

Arthur Becker was married to Vera Wang for over two decades. However, the marriage ended in the year 2012. At the moment, the businessman specializes in technology, finance, real estate and other areas.


Becker has invested in several ventures, and some of them have become failures. One of his greatest failures is an attempt to market specialized binoculars known as Bnox. Becker says that many clients didn’t like his idea, and that is why the venture never took off.

Ancient currencies

According to The Real Deal Arthur Becker collects traditional currencies from African nations such as Cameroon and Nigeria. These currencies are mostly millenniums old, and they are reproduced as sculptures. This venture has done well, earning him a lot of wealth.

Origami money board

If you visit Becker’s art, you will find all forms of money. Some dollars and euros adorn his office. Pieces of golf bars and crumpled cash from the businessman are sold in different parts of the United States, earning him a lot of wealth.


When the real estate guru was living in LA several decades ago, one of his close friends encouraged him to invest in macadamia nut farms based in Hawaii. Although it seemed that the nuts would take many years to grow, they have been profitable, and they have made him a lot of wealth over the years.

Becker went for his degree at the prestigious Bennington College where he studied photography and ceramics. Later on, he went to Amos Tuck for his business studies. Becker has been in the business world for a long time, and he has a lot of expertise.

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Why Recycling is Important for Rubbish Removal

When you have a pile of junk that you want to get rid of, your priority might be just getting it off of your home and property. You want to enjoy the sense of space that will come once it is gone. Have you ever thought about where it goes once it is gone?


Some rubbish removal companies, such as UK’s Clearbee, will actually make sure that your junk gets filtered into the appropriate, environmentally friendly places. Clearabee is the UKs largest rubbish removal company that functions on a “Man with a Van” operations model. The waste that is removed from your home or property will not all go to a landfill. Instead, Clearbee’s prides itself in placing an astounding 90% of the waste captured into recycling facilities. They choose recycling plants that have excellent credentials and track records. For people in urban areas of the UK such as London, this is an important way to handle waste materials in a way that improves the environmental health of the urban environment.


Landfills bury or incinerate waste, which puts harmful chemicals and toxins out into the air that we breathe and the water that we drink. Recycling is an option that facilitates the re-use of some parts of the discarded item. Recycled materials can be given new use and put back into the world as a functional item instead of letting the material be discarded and unused. The more that is recycled, the less new materials are needed from the earth itself. Rubbish removal companies play a big role in deciding where discarded items will wind up. It is vital to seek out companies that value recycling.